Cannabis and Muscle Mass: Is Pot the New Protein?

Is Pot the New Protein

The humble cannabis plant is gaining considerable attention in fitness and health circles now more than ever. This popularity is due to the growing legality of marijuana. Most athletes link marijuana to bodybuilding, and this has led many to wonder whether the plant can help a person to meet his or her bodybuilding goals. In fact, many professional athletes attest to the positive impact of marijuana on training. Be it to increase focus or improve recovery, there are many ways that weed can affect exercise and ultimately, muscle mass. If you have been lifting weights, you understand the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle, including eating the right amount of food, resting and recovering. Maybe you are probably wondering how weed can help you to achieve your bodybuilding goals faster. There are numerous ways that you can combine a healthy lifestyle with weed.

Proven Ways to Build Muscle Mass

Pot can help to build body mass in the following ways:


Celebrities in the bodybuilding sector reported that smoking pot before playing a game is beneficial. The athletes benefit from the pain-killing effects of weed to overcome the tough training session. Therefore, a person who uses pot in moderate doses can experience higher creativity and improved focus as well as pain-relieving effects. Thus, smoking pot gives you the strength to endure tough exercises for a long time, and this eventually leads to an increase in muscle mass.

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Typically, substances such as alcohol reduce muscle protein synthesis, a process that promotes muscle growth. Weed does not follow the same mechanism. Cannabis does not affect the synthesis of muscle protein, and this implies that it will not inhibit muscle growth in any way.

Boost Testosterone Level

Testosterone is essential for muscle growth. Pot helps to boost testosterone levels. The findings on one study in Denmark showed that weed positively affects testosterone levels. It is for this reason that most athletes take anabolic steroids that contain high testosterone levels to boost muscle mass. Low testosterone levels in men leave you feeling more tired than usual, and this translates to less effort and less exercise. Testosterone is one of the main components involved in the development of strength and muscle bulk. It triggers neurotransmitters, thus encouraging the growth of tissue. Moreover, it combines with nuclear receptors to encourage the synthesis of protein. By increasing the levels of growth of muscles, it makes it more likely for you to build muscle. The good thing is that you can now get quality steroids from trusted sources like Teragon labs that will boost your testosterone levels quickly.


After working out the weight room, you will probably feel some pains and aches. Inflammation causes most of these aches and pains and may prevent you from adhering to your normal training schedule. Well, no need to worry. The pot contains anti-inflammatory properties that will not only reduce pain but also the swelling leaving you feeling rejuvenated. After taking a dose of weed, you will feel less pain and continue exercising, thus increasing your muscle mass in the long run. It is for this reason that you see most athletes vaping, ingesting or smoking pot before or during their exercise routine.

Delays Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Any delay interfering with your daily routine means that you may not add that muscle as expected. DOMS occurs when you feel stiffness or pain after a strenuous exercise. It occurs because your muscle is adapting to prevent future damage from the exercises. Marijuana helps to reduce the effects of DOMS as per one study, so that you feel the stiffness and pain for a shorter time and go back to regular physical activity quicker.

Regulates Appetite

Weed interacts with CBI receptors in the body, which play a key role in the regulation of appetite. Consuming weed increases appetite, and this may be a beneficial thing if you are looking to pack on mass. If you are someone who struggles with appetite, pot can get you munching on more calories to boost muscle mass. It is, however, crucial to ensure that the munchies you crave you are in line with your nutritional plan. Also, smoking weed in moderation increases appetite while too much cannabis decreases appetite. Ensure that you get your doses right.


There is sufficient information to show that marijuana supports muscle growth. Post increases appetite leading to muscle growth, boost testosterone levels and reduces pain and inflammation, allowing you to carry on with your regular exercise routine. Therefore, if you are looking to add mass, you can try pot because it encourages protein synthesis. Furthermore, you should also take into consideration other health benefits of CBD. Make sure that you check out some of the best Sativa strains from a reliable source that will help you achieve your goals.


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