What are acne, its causes, symptoms, effects, and prevention methods

What are acne, its causes, symptoms, effects, and prevention methods

Acne is also called acne vulgaris. It is one of the skin diseases that are ravaging mankind. It occurs in different parts of the skin, especially the hair follicles. This disease will manifest when the hair follicles are clogged with skin oil or dead skin cells. The significant characteristics include whiteheads and blackheads, scarring, as well as oily skin and other conditions.

Acne on face meaning

When acne breaks out in every part of the face, it means acne map, and there are certain factors responsible for that outbreak. Usually, the breakout is triggered by the body, and several factors are responsible for this such as genes, hormones, poor diet and hygiene as well as several other factors. Many teenagers can get this, but that is normal, but when one passes the age, and it still breaks out, then there are underlying factors responsible for it.

When acne erupts in various parts of the face, different factors are responsible. If you know the reason for the breakout, it would be easy to control and manage that condition.

Forehead:When there is acne on the part of the face such as the forehead, it suggests an unfortunate digestive problem. Apart from that, it could be associated with a liver problem. That implies that you must consume plenty of water. Furthermore, you have to rest from time to time. When you drink plenty of water, it will help deal with that problem, because it would clean your internal system especially the kidney. Besides, think of changing the food you take. It is time you start eating healthier food to facilitate digestion. Put zucchini, salmon as well as coconut oil to your food. These can facilitate the digestive processes.

Cheeks: when there is acne on the cheeks, it signifies that you are suffering from the respiratory system. It is for these reasons that smokers would always suffer that kind of breakout. The way out of that is for chain smokers to quit smoking especially when they begin to encounter that breakout in the cheek. It is a sign that all is not well. Apart from quitting smoking, you must consider the quality air around your home.

Nose: when there is acne on the nose, it signals a heart-related problem. To deal with that problem, you must form the habit of checking your blood pressure. You must ensure that blood pressure is always in order. Also, you should consume only those foods that can help your heart to get better. Because of that, food such as fish, and omega three products are often recommended.

Jawline: Another part of the face you can encounter that outbreak is the jawline. When this becomes the problem, then you think of dealing with stress and hormones. These two factors are always responsible for this kind of breakout. Ensure that you take enough time to get your medication. This can help you to deal with that problem. Also, you should concentrate on your breathing. Moreover, you can embark on yoga exercise. This is a great way to come out of stress. Most importantly, you must incorporate a proper diet and consider regular exercises. These are capable of diminishing stress and removing the bumps in these parts of your body.

Apart from the face, acne can also be on the neck. When there is acne on the neck, it is suggesting that you could be sick because currently, your body defense system is fighting such sicknesses and it is trying to prevent it from manifesting.

Pimples and blackheads

There are similarities and differences between pimples and blackheads. The two are forms of acne blemishes. However, the two do not develop the same way, and they are not treated the same way. Distinguishing between the two forms of skin diseases is easy.

How to spot pimple

You can tell pimple when you see one. You can tell from the color. Another outstanding characteristic is that it is red and inflamed. Because they are swollen, they can hurt sometimes. Pimples vary in size, there are small, and some can be large. Furthermore, it can manifest in different parts of the body especially the face. It is common to see it in the neck, face, shoulder as well as the torso area and so on. Sometimes, it can appear in the butt.

How to spot blackhead

The significant difference between blackhead and pimple is that the latter is not inflamed. You can tell from the appearance as it is flat. It is not swollen, and it is not red. Furthermore, it does not hurt like a pimple. Most people do not notice that infection quickly. Blackheads can occur in different parts of the body just like the way pimples appear. However, it is rampant in such parts of the body such as the chin, nose, as well as the ears and the lips.

When it comes to size, it can be considerable. When it is small, you can hardly notice them with your naked eyes.

Furthermore, pimples always have a white or redhead. Although it depends on the type of pimple. When it is red, it is called acne papule. This kind always has a red bump. However, if it matures, it can grow to yellow or white pus pilled top. It should be noted that all pimples do not mature to this stage. When it is pustules, it is called whitehead. This is different from another kind known as milia, and it features whitehead. On the other hands, blackheads feature dark or black head. It is always noticeable by its blackish looking head. This is where it derives its name. There are instances where the color is browner than it is of black.

The two develop in different ways. For instance, pimple often develops from oil or dead skin cells. It develops from the sebaceous glands. The glands are meant to create oil for the skin. However, such oil when created no longer moves up or down as it is supposed to be. It is trapped in a place, and there it develops a pore. Sometimes it is fueled by normal skin bacteria called the propionibacteria acnes.

Blackheads on the other hands can develop from the skin follicles. It emerges when plug evolves from the follicle. It can develop from the skin surface while pimple develops deeper from the pore.

The two conditions can also be treated. As said before the treatment method for the two conditions are not the same. There are lots of products on the market that is designed to deal with them.

Dry skin acne

Many people often associate acne with oily skin. This is not always the case. Research has shown that the problem can manifest in different skin types. It can occur even in dry skins. Dry skins mean that there is not enough oil.

There are different kinds of skin. It has to do with hormones and genetics. While some skins can be oily, some are naturally dry. Despite the dry condition of such skins, it still gets infected with acne. It is therefore not abnormal for people with dry skin to suffer from acne. Oil in the body is naturally produced, and the degree of oil production would decrease as one advance in age. In addition to that, another issue that can cause dry skin in some people is the decrease in hormone production. Such vital hormones like estrogen can lack in the body, and when that becomes the case, you notice that dry skin would set in. This is common among women, especially those suffering from what is known as menopausal and premenopausal conditions.

Certain conditions cause dry skin. It is known that windy climates, as well as cold weather with little humidity, can dry the moisture in the skin. The truth is that there are lots of outdoor and indoor elements that can dry the skin very fast. The fact that you have dry skin does not mean that you cannot get acne. Acne is a problem of the skin, and it can infect different skin types. When you suffer it, look for the best treatment option available to you.

Getting treatment for dry skin acne can be challenging. There are some over the counter drugs that you can use to treat that condition. If you try any medication and it seems to be severe, then you can always try the milder version of the same medication. The fact is that most of the treatment options that worked for oily skin acne can also work for dry skin acne. Anytime you apply any of the tropical medications; then you can sit behind and watch it. If it does not achieve the expected result, then you can consider reducing the frequency of the drug application. Perhaps that can work for you.

There are lots of products that are designed to treat this kind of ailment. Dry skin is a problem confronting many people across the country. Because of that, it demanded the attention of medical experts. It does not take long before these experts begin to release these drugs. It is a question of choosing the best drug you can use to treat that condition.

Certain signs can show you are suffering from acne if you have dry skin. When the skin itches or when it shows signs of scaling and flaking, it could be an indication that you are suffering from this kind of problem. Dry skin itself is not fun; it can be caused by lots of genetic factors. When acne infects your skin, you must look for the correct treatment option that can work for you. There are lots of them introduced. You can start with any of the over the counter medications.

Get rid of acne

Lots of people are suffering from acne. Most of the patients do not know how to get rid of the problem before it becomes uncontrollable. The fact remains that there are lots of ways you can deal with the problem. Acne is caused by such things as stress and hormones. There are lots of products that you can use to deal with the problem and here are some of them.

Apply benzoyl

If you are suffering from acne, you can apply benzoyl twice daily. Before you apply it to your face, you must first wash your face. When you wake up in the morning, you must apply it, and when you want to sleep in the night, you must also apply it. Before you use any face wash product, you must ensure that it contains exfoliating particles. This would ensure that your skin becomes smooth. Whether you have it in different parts of the body like the chest, back or the shoulder, you can always apply the products to the affected parts of the body two times daily.

Furthermore, if you use makeup, you must not go to bed with it. This is because it is going to multiply the problem. Instead, you have to wash it and apply the product. After sleeping, you must also apply it. It is recommended that you use oil free make up products if you want to apply one in your face. When you wash, ensure that wash it completely. There should be no traces of it anywhere near your face.

Use salicylic acid toner

This is another wonderful product that you can consider today to get rid of acne completely out of your body. Before you apply this, you must first clean your face with a towel to ensure that it is dry. After that, you can apply a small quantity of the toner using a cotton ball and ensure that you spread it evenly to your face. The toner is great when it comes to treating the face. Most importantly, it is effective in fighting acne.

Apply benzoyl peroxide gel

This gel is widely available, and you can apply them to your acne without difficulties. Bring a little of it and apply it to the acne or pimple. Before you use any product, you must ensure that it contains at least 3 percent or less of peroxide. When it is in that proportion the problem of skin irritation would no longer be there.

Use noncomedogenic moisturizer

After treating the acne, you can apply a noncomedogenic moisturizer. This is because some of the acne products are known to dry the skin after the treatment. When you apply this moisturizer to the skin, it could be helpful because it can hydrate the skin again thereby restoring moisture.

You should always wash your face using oils. It is not every type of oil that you can use for that purpose. Such products like oil Cleansing Method OCM can be used. This is widely used across the world. It is a good product. Furthermore, consider products with exfoliating properties. They can be effective.

Homemade acne treatment

There are lots of ways of treating acne. It is important that you apply the right medication so that the skin can be normal again. While you are treating it, you must ensure that you protect your skin. Be mindful of the products you use to treat it. Harmful products may cure the problem, but would it be friendly to your skin. To ensure that you get a good product that deals with the problem and remain friendly to your skin, homemade products are recommended.

There are natural acne remedies that you can prepare in your home and apply it to the acne. Here are some of the homemade remedies.

Apple cider vinegar

If you are looking for the best homemade products you can apply for acne, then you can consider cider vinegar. When it comes to contact with the acne, it will kill all those bacteria that are responsible for that problem. This is good because you would get instant healing.

Another outstanding feature is that it can become alkaline to the skin. This means that it can balance skin PH. In that condition, it would be extremely difficult for the bacteria to grow again. It deals permanently with a problem.

Furthermore, the formulation is astringent. This means that it can help in doing away with the excess oil in the skin. A word of caution here, while it is good as it can dry the skin, you should ensure that you do not over dry the skin as that could be counterproductive.

Cinnamon with a honey mask

This is another home remedy that you can apply today to deal with that problem once and for all. These two ingredients are wonderful. Cinnamon is famous for its spiciness while honey on the other hands it sticky. These are wonderful combinations, and they are perfect acne bacteria killers. If you want an instant and perfect results, you can always opt for this product. You can prepare them at home.

Cinnamon is recommended because of its powerful antimicrobial properties. When you apply it, it would take control and prevent the virus from getting out of control. Honey on the other is recommended because it is a known organic antibiotic. It is always ready to deal with buggers anytime you apply it to the skin.

Apply egg whites

Eggs whites are the other alternative you can apply today to deal with the problem. The most important thing about this is that it is readily available and highly affordable. When you apply it, it will reduce acne. White eggs are known to be very good ingredients for this because of the ability to deal with acne as it is full of vitamins and proteins which are powerful when it comes to acne problem.


This is another great ingredient. Several beauty products on the market contain this wonderful ingredient. When it comes to the treatment of acne, it is very effective. It can remove dead skin cells as well as lipid from acne surface. The ingredient is readily available as it is natural.

Proactive acne treatment

Once you are diagnosed with acne, the best thing to do is to commence the treatment. There are various treatment options available out there. The question is how many of such products work. Because of that, if you want to get rid of this problem permanently, then there is the need to be proactive in the treatment. There is various kind of medications. One of them worth mentioning include the proactive medication widely endorsed across the country and beyond by celebrities. It is endorsed because of the wonders it can do and because of the wonderful formulation.

Proactive producers are the leaders when it comes to this kind of drugs. There are various kinds of formulated products which can deal with the problem and yet mild and friendly to the skin. This is why it is recommended that you have to compare to make the best option.

When you are looking for a good cure, you should opt for a product that does not have any side effects. Creators of proactive medications claimed that it has little side effects and that is because it is formulated from friendly ingredients that are known to be gentle to the body.

The products contain wonderful germ killers who are the salicylic acid. This does not only deal with the problem permanently, but it also ensures that there is deep cleaning. When you rinse your face and your skin with a great product, it will bring a permanent solution to the problem.

Furthermore, it contains advanced blemish treatment. This contains such wonderful ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. This is strong because it can kill all the acne germs whenever it comes into contact with the formulation. When you apply this, it could put to an end some of the symptoms that you suffer such as itching, burning, stinging, as well as dryness and redness. It would be difficult for new blemishes to be formed.

Furthermore, it contains conceal plus sulfur. This has at least six percent sulfur content. Again, this is another great ingredient, which is known for its effectiveness in dealing with skin germs. If there are bacteria that irritate the skin, this formulation should be okay for that.

Furthermore, it contains some of the repairing treatment. It can be strong enough to control the problem, and it is mild, and because of that, you may not suffer from skin problems. This is because the product is friendly to the skin.

Also, it contains a body pad. This is a wonderful formulation. It is wonderful because it can open pores and penetrate to the pore. When it penetrates it tackles the bacteria that causes that problem. It is certain from the description above that the proactive products contained all the necessary ingredients that are required for the treatment of acne and other related skin infections. The most important thing is that despite the effectiveness in treating this condition, the formulation is less expensive when compared with similar products out there. If you want to be proactive in dealing with acne, then you can consider this formulation.